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Community Managers keep an "ear to the ground"—monitoring Bisq chatter throughout key social channels, reactively and proactively managing the channels they follow.





  • Follow social channels, keeping an eye out for posts explicitly mentioning Bisq as well as other posts that could be relevant to the project
    • Post notable findings in #Growth channel on .
    • Relevant topics include:
      • key software updates
      • user feedback
      • opinions of the software
      • prevalent support issues
      • notable media mentions
      • misinformation
      • milestones
      • competitor intelligence
      • clever opportunities
    • Target channels:
      • Twitter
      • reddit (/r/bitcoin, /r/monero, /r/bitcoinbeginners, /r/xmrtrader, /r/cryptocurrency)
      • Telegram (bisq_p2p, monero, bitmonero)
      • Bisq GitHub
      • Bisq forum
      • YouTube
      • IRC and Matrix
  • Propagate any messaging relevant to current campaigns
  • Jump in to correct the record when inaccurate information is being disseminated
  • Join Bisq PULSE growth calls to discuss #pulse findings


  • Write access to the #growth channel on Matrix.


Not required.