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A Maintainer is a contributor responsible for enforcing process in a given GitHub repository.

Examples: Proposals Maintainer, Compensation maintainer.

Maintainer Duties

  • Merging or closing pull requests after sufficient review.
  • Tagging releases.
  • Triaging incoming issues and keeping them organized over time.
    • A Maintainer is not a Developer or a Reviewer
    • Submitting and reviewing pull requests is something any contributor can do; neither are maintainer duties per se.
    • This is particularly important from a Compensation perspective. If you are a maintainer, do NOT group your development and review activities together with your maintainer role in your compensation requests. Rather, account for them separately like any other contributor would.
    • The goal is to have as many competent contributors developing and reviewing as possible, not to load everything on the maintainer. C4 is the inspiration here, it’s worth (re-)reading.

Maintainer Rights

  • Write access to the repository they are responsible for.

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