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Matrix is a messaging platform used by Bisq for discussions of all things related to Bisq. It is also the place for Bisq users to access support agents with any questions they might have.

Matrix replaced Keybase as the main Bisq messaging platform around January 2022. If you are still using Keybase it is recommended to move over to Matrix by visiting

Matrix is a secure, decentralized, real-time communication tool replacing Keybase, the tool previously used by Bisq prior to 2022. Bisq self-hosts, a Matrix team server, which takes a step further on the grade of censorship-resistance and privacy.

Using Matrix

Web interface

Matrix can be used as a web based app. That's a big advantage, specially for users only requiring occasional support and who don't need to keep on the day to day conversations. To start using [] just click the link and you'll see a page like this:

Matrix 1.png

Click continue and many Matrix clients will be displayed. Select Element, which is one of the most popular and can be used without installing software. Click the continue in your browser button and the web app Element will load. Click join and create account, as we suppose you don't have a matrix account yet. Next image shows fields needed to host the account at There are other hosts requiring different data to join.

Matrix create account.png

Joining channels

Once the hosting account has been created, you'll see the General and Support channel.
Click on the + sign on Rooms and then Explore rooms to join other channels, for example Get your first BTC.

Matrix web main screen.png

Alternatively, after selecting Bisq space icon in the leftmost column, click on the Bisq dropdown and choose Explore rooms.

Explore all.jpg

Installing Element

To install Element on your desktop, go to [1], select your OS and follow the instructions. Check other clients and platforms here.
You can also download and install Element on Android or iOS through their app stores.