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The Compensation Maintainer handles announcements and issue triaging for compensation requests.





Announce BSQ-USD exchange rate

Compensation requests use a 30-day volume-weighted average to determine a BSQ/USD rate that discounts outliers. Until Cycle 23, compensation requests used a 90-day volume-weighted average.

Toward the end of a cycle, the Compensation Maintainer should create a pinned issue with the title "BSQ rate for Cycle X is Y.YY USD per 1 BSQ" and link to the proposal where the rate was determined.

Announce request submission deadline

To allow time for team leads to discuss and review compensation requests, requests need to be ready for review 1 week before the end of current cycle's proposal phase.

Compensation board

Dates and reminders will be announced on the @bisq-network/dao discussion board, the compensation board, and the events calendar.

Triage incoming requests

The Compensation Maintainer watches the compensation repository and proceeds to triage:

Incoming issues are categorized as In Progress if they have [WIP] at the beginning of the title or as In Review if they don't. The Compensation Maintainer assigns In Review issues to the appropriate team leads (or determine which team leads are responsible if it isn't obvious).

As requests are submitted to the DAO (with txid posted in corresponding issues), the Compensation Maintainer should classify requests as Proposal Submitted.

This triage can be controlled from the Compensation board by:

  • using the "Add cards" button on the board to triage new issues
  • dragging and dropping existing issues to categories
  • using the "Projects" section in the right sidebar of an issue's page

Propose BSQ rate for next cycle at submission deadline

The Compensation Maintainer should submit a proposal for 30-day and 90-day weighted average BSQ rates (without outliers) to be used for the following cycle. The purpose of this proposal is to make sure there is rough consensus for the suggested rates. In case rough consensus is not reached, different proposals should be discussed and then submitted to the DAO for voting. The proposal with the highest vote weight wins and takes effect in the next cycle.

See this proposal for background on this process.

Archive previous cycle requests at the end of the proposal phase

Once a cycle's proposal phase is over, the Compensation Maintainer should archive all issues in the Done column from the previous phase.

The reason for waiting to archive these issues is so that contributors can easily see how many requests were made in the last cycle, quickly find their own request, and easily review which ones were accepted and rejected. Requests are archived in order to keep the board clean and make room for requests in the next cycle.

Close current cycle requests after the vote reveal phase

When the reveal vote phase is complete, the Compensation Maintainer should take the following steps:

  1. Label each compensation request issue as was:accepted or was:rejected according to the vote result
  2. Close the issue with a comment indicating the request's outcome (e.g., "Closing as accepted" or "Closing as rejected")

Once closed, the issues will automatically move to the Done column of the board, where they remain for reference until they are archived at the end of the next cycle's proposal phase (see above).