Updating Bisq

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Updating Bisq

Almost every Cycle, a new Bisq version is released, with new features and bug fixes. It's highly recommended to keep Bisq updated to last version, as not doing so could lead to bugs and other issues.
Updating Bisq simply requires to install the new version over the existing one. Before updating, it's recommended to make a backup.

Do not downgrade Bisq. Installing an older version could cause irreversible damage to Bisq data.


To inform users that a new version is ready and eliminate the need to manually verify the downloaded files, a popup will appear when a new version is released.

Updating bisq popup.png

Clicking on download installer and verify signature will download the files needed to install Bisq and will automatically verify that the signatures are correct.
The files to install Bisq should be ready at Downloads folder to be installed.

Activate pre-release notifications

Some users might want to help testing a pre-release version a in real environment. To be notified when a pre-release is ready, go to Settings and activate the Receive pre-release notifications toggle.