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Mediators help to resolve disputes between two trading parties if they cannot settle a dispute on their own. A mediator can only propose a payout to settle a dispute—the payout can only take place if both parties agree and sign the transaction to make it happen. Current mediators are:

Name Matrix Github
Leo816 Leo816
Pazza83 pazza83

Traders can find which mediator is assigned to your trades at finding your mediator.





TODO: transcribe / adapt this section to the dedicated Mediation process article, such that it can be consumed by both mediators and users alike. This section will remain, but should consist of a shorter list of bullet points linking to the Mediation article, being available on Matrix chat, mentioning what to do with updating / creating bug issues.

  • Handle support tickets
  • Being available on Matrix chat
  • When bugs occur, create detailed issues on Github
  • Respond within 24hrs

For more details, please see Mediation.


  • Writer access to the Support - Private Matrix room
  • Compensation request rights per case solved


A 10,000 BSQ bond is required. See