Fee Reimbursement Agent

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The Fee Reimbursement Agent refunds traders who have lost fees on trades through software bugs.

For more information see: Failed Trades - Reimbursement of Trade Fees and Miner Fees

Reimbursements are made with BTC. Traders seeking fee reimbursements must provide a screenshot and details of trades for which they wish fee reimbursements (more details are in the issue template).






  • Examine every Github proposal, verify that the taker and maker fee address are mentioned in the issue. then move to "ready" Lost fee reimbursements
  • Ensure reimbursement request was submitted within 3 months of the trade completing as per the accepted proposal here
  • When starting to process an individual issue, move it to "In progress". Then open the terminal.
  • Make a clone of the support repository.
  • Enter ./helpers/automate.sh
  • Add issue number, verify the information is correct.
  • Follow the next steps and publish. move issue to "staged"
  • Now make the reimbursement and close issue.