Delete and resync SPV file

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The Simplified Payment Verification (SPV) file may become corrupt and create Bisq wallet issues, such as a wallet not displaying the correct account balance.


Resync the SPV file by deleting it and then rebuilding it from the Bitcoin blockchain. Bisq can then retrieve accurate transaction information.

For more information, refer to Resync SPV chain

How to Resync the SPV File

  1. Open Bisq and click Settings
  2. Market tab.png

  3. In the Network Info tab click Delete SPV File and Resync
  4. Network info.png

  5. Restart
  6. After the Resync you are prompted to restart Bisq. The time to restart depends upon the age of your wallet and number of transactions. The CPU usage may be high and the Bisq application may not respond immediately, this is normal.

    Help! I Can't Access the Bisq Settings Screen

    If you can't open Bisq to access the Settings section, you can manually delete the btc_mainnet/wallet/bisq.spvchain from your data directory.

    The default data directory locations can be found here. You will then need to manually restart Bisq twice to complete the resync.