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The data directory is where all of Bisq's data files are stored.

It is crucial that you back up this directory regularly.

Data directory structure

Notable items in the data directory:

  • bisq.log - main log file with most recent logs, often helpful for debugging. This file may contain private information, so it's usually not wise to post the whole thing publicly.
  • - place to store command-line options, so you don't have to specify them every time you run Bisq (where each option is on a new line in <option>=<value> format, e.g., dumpStatistics=true).
  • btc_mainnet/ - main data directory.
    • keys/ - keys for signing P2P messages as well as signing and aging payment accounts.
    • db/ - various user data and network data. It is strongly discouraged to edit any files in this directory.
    • tor/ - Tor state data. The hiddenservice/ folder within determines your onion address.
    • wallet/ - BTC and BSQ wallet files and rolling backups, as well as the bisq.spvchain file.

Default locations


Using PowerShell:


Using cmd:



/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Bisq/



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