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Trading fees are paid to fund the Bisq DAO when making or taking an offer. Fees can be paid in BSQ or BTC.

Getting a discount

Bisq encourages traders to use BSQ by offering a discount of approximately 50%. This discount fluctuates as the BSQ/BTC rate fluctuates. To maintain the 50% discount target, trading fees are updated every cycle as necessary.

If you're interested in using BSQ to pay trading fees, see this article for instructions.

Current rates

Trading Fees per 1 BTC
Maker 0.0015 18.57
Taker 0.0115 142.38

Combined BTC trading fee rate is 1.3% (0.15% by maker and 1.15% by taker). Absolute minimum fee to avoid dust is 0.00005 BTC.

Combined BSQ trading fee rate is targeted at 0.65% (0.075% by maker and 0.575% by taker). Absolute minimum fee to avoid dust is 0.03 BSQ.

Trading fee rates and absolute minimums are DAO parameters that must be proposed and approved through DAO voting in order to take effect. BTC fee rates tend to stay constant, but BSQ rates are adjusted every cycle to account for BSQ rate fluctuation.

Selecting how to pay

Traders choose how they'd prefer to pay trading fees while making or taking an offer. BSQ and BTC amounts (and fiat equivalents) are shown.

Pick how to pay trade fees on this screen while making or taking an offer.