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What makes a great support agent?

  • You're a Bisq user. You understand how to use it well enough to help others.
  • You can be available for 10 hours or more per week to handle support cases.
  • You're familiar with the existing Docs and Knowledge Base articles.

If you're interested in becoming a support agent, see the #Internship section below.


Includes all of Support Team#Infrastructure, plus the following:

Coverage calendar

The coverage calendar tracks shifts for each support agent, with the goal of achieving 24/7 coverage.

Case tracking board

GitHub team

Role issue


Handle support cases

Keep the coverage calendar up to date

Submit regular cycle reports



Time to response

If you are on duty, it's your job to respond as promptly as possible to incoming user requests. The goal is to respond to all support inquiries in the #support channel within 1 hour of being asked and preferably much faster. This initial response need not actually resolve the user's issue, it is merely letting the user know that you've heard their question and that you'll be their primary support agent for this case.

Sensitive user data

Often support agents will need to ask users to share their logs with you or specific information about their offer or trade, such as trade ID, trade amounts, etc. This data should not be shared in any public channel and should be destroyed one month after the case is closed. Note that any such information that shared in the subteam is automatically destroyed after 30 days.



Prospective support agents are asked to go through an internship process that lasts one DAO cycle (approximately one month). During this period, you'll perform the duties of a support agent, but your contributions won't be eligible for compensation. This gives you a chance to get to know the ropes and for all parties involved to determine whether a support agent role is a good fit for you.

  1. Indicate in the #support channel that you're interested in interning as a Support Agent.
    • Say a bit about yourself and why you're interested in doing this work
    • Mention what days and times you'll be available to do this work
  2. The Support Team Lead will then:
  3. After one full cycle of interning

Using the coverage calendar

Case tracking