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Revolut offers banking services in various countries with various currencies. It is most heavily used in the EUR market, but has seen action in other markets increase as Revolut has expanded the markets it operates in.

Creating the account in Bisq

Setting up a Revolut account in Bisq.

To create a Revolut payment account in Bisq, you need to input the country for your Revolut account, the mobile phone number used to register with Revolut, and the currencies that you wish to trade with the account.

Remember that none of this information can be modified once an account is created, and account signing data can be lost if not properly backed up.

Using Revolut for Bisq trades

You can send money to contacts from your mobile contact list or by username. Before sending, confirm the username in trader chat on Bisq.

Usernames ARE case-sensitive!

Some Revolut accounts have been registered only with mail information. When the seller has such an account, or if the methods above fail, the buyer should send a payment link via trader chat within Bisq so the seller can enter their own bank details.