How to buy BTC on Bisq with EUR

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First download, install Bisq and create a backup (copy seed words - see How to back up your Bisq wallet seed).

Make sure you have a fiat payment account set up. For example see Set up a SEPA payment account or Set up a Revolut payment account.

1. On Market tab select EUR - Euro

2. Click on BUY BTC.

3. Select an offer and click on TAKE OFFER.

4. Review offer details including amount, price. Then click on NEXT STEP.

5. Fund your trade (from Bisq wallet or external wallet).


7. After 1 blockchain confirmation (~10 minutes) you will be prompted to initiate payment. Make a transfer to the seller using your fiat payment method, then click on PAYMENT STARTED.

8. When the seller confirms payment received the trade is complete and you can withdraw your BTC.

  • For more short guides see Howto. You can also find support on Matrix.