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Failed trades come about as a result of various issues with the delayed payout transaction.

How to unfail a failed trade

It is only possible to unfail a trade on Bisq v1.3.2 or newer.

In many cases a failed trade can be unfailed by doing the following:

  1. Select the failed trade in Portfolio > Failed.
  2. Press Ctrl/Cmd + Y.
  3. Bisq will verify certain parameters and re-open the trade if possible.
  4. If the trade cannot be unfailed (see errors below) you can submit a fee reimbursement request.

Please check the examples below first to make sure unfailing a trade is the right course of action for your situation.

Trades which can be unfailed

If you encounter any of these errors, upgrade to v1.3.2 (or newer) and follow the instructions above to unfail your trade.

Error 1:

An error occurred at task: BuyerVerifiesFinalDelayedPayoutTx
  DelayedPayoutTx is not spending depositTx correctly

In v1.3.1 this error was triggered when Bisq flagged the delayed payout tx as invalid when it wasn't, so at that time, unfailing the trade was recommended.

However, in v1.3.2+, this error likely indicates a valid failed trade, and unfailing it may result in lost funds.

Error 2:

An error occurred at task: BuyerVerifiesPreparedDelayedPayoutTx
  Donation address is invalid.
  Address used by BTC seller: 3EtUWqsGThPtjwUczw27YCo6EWvQdaPUyp
  Recent donation address:3A8Zc1XioE2HRzYfbb5P8iemCS72M6vRJV
  Default donation address: 1BVxNn3T12veSK6DgqwU4Hdn7QHcDDRag

Error 3:

This trade cannot be moved back to open trades at the moment.
  Try again after completion of trade(s)

Be careful when handling Error 3. This error occurs when an open trade uses the same bitcoin address as a failed trade. If the failed trade has funds locked, you must first cancel the open trade, unfail the failed trade, complete that trade, and then open a new trade if desired.

Trades which cannot be unfailed

Error 1:

No valid deposit tx

This article explains how to determine whether your deposit transaction is valid.

Error 2:

Null delayed payout tx

It may be possible to unfail a trade with this error by starting Bisq with the option --allowFaultyDelayedTxs=true.

Note: please use caution when using this parameter. This is triggered to prevent bad and possibly malicious trades from completing and should therefore only be used if you trust your trading partner and is context dependent.

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