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Capitual is a payment method added in Bisq v1.7.2.

Capitual is a payment service that combines fiat and crypto payments. Capitual is especially of benefit to users in Brazil and Europe due to it facilitating free BRL and EUR deposits and withdrawals via TED (Express Wire Transfer) and SEPA respectively. Capitual enables all users to send and receive fiat and crypto between users for free.

Capitual operate in 48+ countries (unfortunately US residents are excluded). Currently only EUR, BRL currencies are able to be withdrawn / deposited to and from a fiat account via SEPA or TED (Express Wire Transfer). USD and GBP are also supported currencies but they can only be added by exchanging other currencies / cryptos and stablecoins.

  • Currencies supported: BRL, EUR, GBP, USD
  • Cryptos supported: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, USDT, BUSD, USDC, DAI
  • Trade window: 24 hours
  • Signing required: No
  • Bisq buy/sell limits: 0.25 BTC

Setting up a Capitual Account

Setting up a Capitual Account in Bisq

Understanding CapCodes

Transfers take place using CapCodes. CapCodes are like coupon codes you can generate at any time and use it to transfer funds

CapCodes are an electronic cheque system that makes it possible to store amounts of money, precious metals or cryupto-currencies in a short code, easy to be written down, that can be written in a piece of paper to make transactions even when you are not connected to the internet.

When you generate a CapCode, you get a voucher (coupon code) that you must take note (don’t worry: it’s always possible to recover a CapCode that you have lost!). Such code stores funds in any of the currencies supported by Capitual, and you can share it with someone else, allowing the payment in any of these currencies. It’s needed to have a Capitual account to redeem a CapCode.

After generating a CapCode, the amount gets “locked in”, and is already deducted from your balance. If you have given up or will no longer need to use the CapCode, you can redeem it yourself, onto your own account. It’s also possible to track, from your account, whether a CapCode has already been redeemed.

CapCodes are only available when accessing your account using a computer.

Buying BTC with a Capitual Account

Selling BTC with a Capitual Account

Capitual Account Limits

Unconfirmed accounts have a fixed transfer limit of US$ 9,999.00. As this limit is reached, the account must be confirmed for continued usage.

Fees to be aware of when using your Capitual Account

There are a few fees to be aware of when using your Capitual Account. Almost everything is fee free apart from crypto withdrawals. Here is a table showing fees correct of September 2021:

Description Fee
Transfer fiat to other users Free
Transfer crypto to other users Free
Deposit BRL or EUR Free
Withdraw BRL or EUR Free
Deposit crypto Free
Withdraw crypto BTC 0.0001, LTC 0.01, DSH 0.01, ETH 0.01, USDT 0.50, BUSD 0.50, USDC 0.50, DAI 0.50