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See https://bisq.community.
See https://bisq.community.
== Via Mediation ==
== Via mediation ==
See [[Mediation]].
See [[Mediation]].

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User support is available in a number of channels.

This article lists ways to get support as a Bisq user. For information on how to help Bisq by providing support, see support team.

Via the FAQ

Many common questions can be answered by browsing the frequently asked questions.

Via the wiki

Common problems and solutions are documented in troubleshooting. Also try using the search function.

Via Keybase chat

The #support channel in the Bisq Keybase team is Bisq's primary user support channel. When in doubt, ask your question here!

Via GitHub issues

If you think your might be experiencing a bug, please report it at https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq.

Via the Bisq Forum

See https://bisq.community.

Via mediation

See Mediation.