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This article is a stub. The specific sections below are just examples for demonstration purposes.


Bisq won't start

See Troubleshooting network issues.

My wallet has an incorrect balance

Bisq is using too much RAM

  • Limiting the maximum amount of RAM the JVM is allowed to use may resolve this. See Reduce JVM MAXRam
  • On Linux, restricting memory arena allocation can reduce Bisq's off-heap memory consumption. See Linux_Memory_Arenas

Windows specific

Bisq app appears in taskbar, but clicking it opens a blank window

Try to maximize the Bisq window.

  • Find the Bisq shortcut you use to start Bisq
  • Right click on it > select "shortcut" > Change the Run dropdown from "Normal size window" to "Maximized"

Solution found by teambitcoin (link)

My problem isn't addressed here

See user support for ways to get support.