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* [[Arbitrator]]
* [[Arbitrator]]
* [[Refund Agent]]
* [[Refund Agent]]
* [[Donation_Address_Holder|Donation Address Owner]] (aka "Burning Man")
* [[Donation Address Owner]] (aka "Burning Man")
* [[Wiki Editor]]
* [[Wiki Editor]]
* [[Fee Reimbursement Agent]]
* [[Fee Reimbursement Agent]]

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The Support Team is responsible for providing excellent support for Bisq users. This includes:

  • Handling individual support cases, including mediation and refunds
  • Maintaining the Bisq docs website
  • Maintaining support-related articles here on the Bisq wiki.



GitHub Team


GitHub Repositories

Keybase chat

  • Keybase #support channel (public, for providing user support)
  • Keybase bisq.support subteam (private, for Support Team contributors)