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Bisq offers several payment methods to buy and sell bitcoin. You may refer to chart below for details.

Every offer on Bisq designates a payment method for traders to settle payments. The Bisq software does not actually integrate with any payment methods—all non-bitcoin fund transfers are made outside of the Bisq software.

But unlike cryptocurrencies, fiat payment methods are riddled with flaws and limitations that require Bisq to employ several measures to encourage traders to carry out their parts of the deal quickly and honestly.

Among these measures are (1) limits that correspond to payment account risk profiles and (2) an account-signing mechanism to cultivate a network of trusted payment accounts.

Supported fiat payment methods

Over 20 payment methods are supported to buy and sell bitcoin with Bisq using national currencies. These payment methods vary in chargeback risk, regional availability, transaction size, fees, privacy, verifiability, and other characteristics.

The top consideration for maintaining payment methods is chargeback risk. PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App are not supported on Bisq because chargebacks for payments made with those services are relatively easy.

We welcome suggestions for new payment methods on Bisq, especially for those that enable new markets. Documentation on the criteria and process for adding new payment methods is [forthcoming]. For now, feel free to make suggestions by reaching out on [Keybase].

Below is a list of fiat payment methods Bisq currently supports.

Note: The maximum trade sizes listed below are not available for most newly-created payment accounts. Please see the Account Signing section below for details on how to enable bigger trade sizes for your payment accounts.

Payment Method Region Trading Period Per-Trade Limit Notes
Advanced Cash* Global 1 day 2.00 BTC Not available in the USA
Alipay* China 1 day 1.00 BTC
Cash Deposit* N/A 4 days 0.25 BTC Some banks don't accept cash deposits from non-customers
Chase QuickPay USA 1 day 0.25 BTC
Face-to-Face (F2F)* Global 4 days 1.00 BTC
Faster Payments* UK 1 day 0.25 BTC
HalCash* Spain 1 day 1.00 BTC
Interac e-Transfer Canada 1 day 0.25 BTC
Japan Zengin Furikomi* Japan 1 day 1.00 BTC
MoneyBeam (N26) Europe 1 day 0.25 BTC
MoneyGram* Global 4 days 0.50 BTC
National Bank Transfer N/A 4 days 0.25 BTC
Perfect Money* Europe and USA 1 day 1.00 BTC
Popmoney USA 1 day 0.25 BTC
PromptPay* Thailand 1 day 1.00 BTC
Revolut Global 1 day 0.25 BTC
SEPA Europe 6 days 0.25 BTC
SEPA Instant Europe 1 day 0.25 BTC
Swish* Sweden 1 day 1.00 BTC
Transfer with Same Bank N/A 2 days 0.25 BTC
Transfer from Specific Banks N/A 4 days 0.25 BTC
US Postal Money Order* USA 8 days 0.25 BTC Maximum is $1,000 per money order within the USA
Uphold Global 1 day 0.25 BTC
WeChat Pay* China 1 day 1.00 BTC
Western Union Global 4 days 0.50 BTC
Zelle USA 4 days 0.25 BTC
  • These payment methods do not need to be signed to attain buying limits higher than 0.01 BTC (see account signing below for more details).

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