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Paxum is a payment method to due to be added shortly after v1.7.3.

Paxum is a Global Payment Service for Businesses and Individuals. Paxum provides payment services for businesses in higher risk industries such as adult work and affiliate marketing. Paxum provides it's users with virtual payment accounts. For example SEPA, ACH and Faster Payment accounts are provided for the currencies EUR, USD, and GBP.

Paxum to Paxum transfers are instant.

  • Currencies accepted; USD, CAD, EUR, DKK, CZK, AUD, ZAR, THB, CHF, SEK, RON, PLN, NZD, NOK, INR, IDR, HUF, GBP
  • Trade window: 24 hours
  • Signing required: No
  • Bisq buy/sell Limits: 0.25 BTC

Setting up a Paxum account

Paxum is available for users in 50+ Countries.

Setting up a Paxum account in Bisq

Buying BTC with a Paxum account

Selling BTC with a Paxum account

Paxum account limits

Fees to be aware of when using your Paxum account

Paxum to Paxum transfers cost ~$0.25 to both send and receive.

It costs about $5 to deposit and withdraw funds from to Paxum.