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The data directory is where all of Bisq's data files are stored.

Data directory structure

Notable items in the data directory:

  • bisq.log - main log file with most recent logs, often helpful for debugging. This file may contain private information, so it's usually not wise to post the whole thing publicly.
  • - place to store command-line options, so you don't have to specify them every time you run Bisq (where each option is on a new line in <option>=<value> format, e.g., dumpStatistics=true).
  • btc_mainnet/ - main data directory.
    • keys/ - keys for signing P2P messages as well as signing and aging payment accounts.
    • db/ - various user data and network data. It is strongly discouraged to edit any files in this directory.
    • tor/ - Tor state data. The hiddenservice/ folder within determines your onion address.
    • wallet/ - BTC and BSQ wallet files and rolling backups, as well as the bisq.spvchain file.

Default locations




/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Bisq/



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