Submitting a DAO proposal

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The Bisq DAO is the open governance mechanism for the Bisq network, and submitting a DAO proposal is one way anyone can participate in it.

There are 7 types of proposals you can make in the Bisq DAO. This article covers the process for submitting a generic proposal, but the underlying process is the same for all proposal types.

Ensure submitting a proposal is the appropriate course of action

Typically submitting a proposal to the DAO is a continuation of another process. Compensation requests are submitted upon doing work with other collaborators, reimbursement requests are sent upon acknowledgment from dispute agents, etc.

Generic proposals typically require a meaningful amount of review and discussion before it makes sense to submit them to the DAO.

Submit to the DAO

If submitting your proposal to the DAO is the right next step, simply submit it on the DAO > Governance > Make Proposal screen.

Make sure the GitHub handle you put in Bisq matches the GitHub handle on the issue.

Also make sure to replace # with the GitHub proposal number. For example, if submitting proposal #160 with URL, the DAO proposal URL should be

Submit a generic proposal for DAO voting.


If the DAO > Governance > Make Proposal section is blank, chances are the DAO is not in the proposal phase. If this is the case, wait until the next proposal cycle starts to make your proposal.

You can see proposal schedules at DAO > Governance > Dashboard.